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Bring back camera picture size options



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Picture sizes are less of a problem when you upgrade payment levels - premium subscribers get 10GB (TEN GB!) per month which I have never come even close to topping.  You're right that it would be more convenient if Evernote allowed you to set your own 'comfort' resolution levels for lower upload allowance and note size limits.  If enough other users feel this would be a benefit you'll get Evernote's attention.  Meantime I think you need all the workarounds you can get... ^_^

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I would like this feature too. I just started using Evernote for grad school and it's awesome but the picture sizes are ridiculously large. I'd like an option to pick how large the pictures are that Evernote captures. Based on the above posts, this used to be a feature that was removed (??). Doing a few Google searches reveals that this is apparently very easy to do on the IOS version of Evernote.

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Hi - doesn't this help?

On 23/08/2016 at 11:14 PM, gazumped said:

Hi.  If it's proving a particular problem you could use the device camera - set to the resolution you prefer - and then 'share' those pictures with Evernote;  or use an independent app like CamScanner?

What device are you taking pictures with?

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Yes, I could technically lower the image quality on my device camera settings when using Evernote and then set them back to normal settings when I'm not using it.

However, I thought one of Evernote's strengths (purpose even?) was quickly capturing information I encounter or think up during my day. If the only way to do that is by messing with camera settings every time I want to add a pic of something, doesn't that defeat the purpose?

It makes more sense to have that as an app specific setting, especially if the IOS version has this feature and especially if the Android version had this feature in the past.

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