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Saving Multiple e-mails to EN at once with outlook 2016 Add-in

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Hi.  Multiple selection of email is possible with the 2013 Outlook Clipper,  don't know why it would not be possible with 2016.  What happens if you try to select more than one?  You obviously have the option to forward emails into Evernote,  but there's a daily limit (200) on the number of emails you can send/ receive that way.  Bear in mind that you have monthly upload limits and (presumably) other clips and saves to allow for,  and using Evernote as an archive store is probably outside it's use guidelines.  Besides,  Evernote is not a mail client,  and your emails are probably more useful where they are!

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Hi Gazumped,

I want to try The Secret Weapon that's why I need to upload my mail into EN to create to do lists. If I select more than one email the Evernote button becomes faded grey and I can't click it anymore....



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