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Syncing problem - old conflicting note deleting new content from new conflicting note

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On my laptop and my iPhone i use Evernote to keep my notes in sync. Today I took some notes from my iPhone and went to the laptop later wanting to sync, but hit a backspace on top of the note on the laptop prior to hitting sync, and perhaps Evernote thought I wanted to delete the new content, and subsequently the new content disappeared from my phone.

How do I get the new content back? It contains some valuable information and this isn't the first time it's happened.

Please help. Thank you.

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Hi. If the new content was synced with Evernote's server before you went to the laptop,  then it should be available in Note History - it will have been recorded,  even if you were not a Premium user at the time.  You may need to become a Premium subscriber - even if only for a month - to access it.  You may want to contact support with a Lost Data report first - they may be able to advise you more.

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