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(Archived) Problems with Chrome Extension

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I'm having alot of issues with the Chrome Extension. I get alot of 'unable to create' error messages, along with a TON of formatting errors if it does create a new note from selection on a website.

However, if I use Evernote for Windows (On XP) and right click and select "Clip Current Selection" - everything seems to work just fine. It's just the clipping from the Chrome Extension that is giving me alot of problems.

Anyone else? Suggestions? Known issue?

Thanks in advance!


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Sure - I'm using 5.0.342.9 beta

Here's a sample link:

http://digital-photography-school.com/c ... room-3?utm

I've attached a PNG of what it looks like if I use the extension to clip the main part of the article. This "overlap" seems to happen alot.


We've been making many improvements to the way stylized clips are made but given their nature - it is next to impossible to make sure that every page in the world comes out looking perfect. Our next release will certainly have some serious improvements. If, after that, you still find yourself unhappy with the way stylized clips are coming out, please let us know, along with the URL where you see problems, and we'll try to address them.


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Not a problem - I was just curious if it was just me. For the record, I never had this problem in Firefox. I just switched over to Chrome as my 'primary' browser a little over a week ago. And as I mentioned, this is not a problem at all when I use the desktop client - so I'm only experiencing this in the Chrome extension.

Thanks for taking the time to look though, I appreciate it. :D

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