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watched folder pdfs into EN NOT as attachments?

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I just recently discovered the 'watched folders' feature and since starting to use it i noticed that all pdf's that are grabbed by evernote in that folder display as attachments (icons). I want them to be displayed in full (as with the 'display as attachment' option unchecked) I have played around in the Tools --> Options --> Note area, but haven;t found a combination that fixes this. When I drag a file to Evernote or right click on one and 'send to evernote' it does it how i want it to.  Any ideas? 

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The latest public release,, has a checkbox in Tools / Options / Note / Note View Options for "Always display PDF documents as attachments"; is that unchecked? If it is, and it's not working for you, then it's probably a bug.

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Hi - thanks for the quick reply.

I do have running and that option is unchecked. However, I have not restarted once I verified (can't remember if it was checked or not).

Update: I closed the application, moved a pdf into the folder, restarted it, and nothing (not even imported the file as an icon). I checked the settings and the folder that I had set for evernote to watch was not longer in the list. Strange. It was working earlier with no problem.

I re-added it, it imported all 100+ notes (not what i wanted :-)), but they displayed properly!! 

Thanks. I think the trick - with the folder disappearing aside - was to restart the application.

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