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Problem with the newest update...

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I don't know if I'll manage to get myself understood but I'll try

Simply I updated this morning evernote on my windows computer, to have the latest version 

Since then, none of my accounts (computer nor phone) is able to syncronise and nothing I'm supposed to have stored appears on the web version. 

I tried everyting mentionned in the help section and nothing worked. 

I also tried : to switch off my computer and then on, to deconnect all my evernote accounts and reconnect them all, and then, to uninstall all my evernote apps and install them again. Nothing worked. 

And no way yo contact the support team without a premium account, so...

Any idea of what it might be? I think I should have stayed with the old version.... 

Thank you for your answers. 




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Sorry if I'm posting or piggybacking onto a wrong thread but I am having major problems with this recent update, as well. 

I assumed the update this morning would go as usual with no hiccups in changes of my files. Much to my chagrin and frustration, when the files got moved over to a new folder (which I don't understand the need and if I had known that there would problems with the mirroring of the files, I would have bailed out on the new version updating) I lost massive number of files and recent changes I just made today that I didn't get around to syncing.

Previously, I've never encountered problems with losing my files - even those not synced yet. So complacency got the better of me even though I had a sinking feeling that something might go awry, especially since I just read criticisms about Evernote losing files (granted these comments were from a few years ago).

Much to my dismay, I lost the entire folder of files with conflicting changes which I didn't get around to comparing the two conflicting files (before I knew the reason for the conflicts in using 2 devices and not syncing each in sequence but in one month the conflicts were random when I wasn't even using more than my laptop for adding entries). Today, I had just added a bunch of journal entries to a file from a Notepad file. Again, didn't get around to syncing since I relied too much on the modifications saved to the laptop hard drive. And there was no reminder before installing to sync up any changes.

When I got the message that files would be moved to a new directory, I had reservations but trusted past experiences with Evernote updates that my saved files on my hard drive wouldn't be corrupted or lost. Alas, this update completely turned the cart over.

Now, I want all those previous files back and even the previous version of Evernote. Why, oh, why, did this happen just when I was reading criticisms about Evernote losing files and as Evernote was updating and doing all sorts of unusual changes (as in moving files to the Document and Settings folder), I got a bad feeling about the bad copying over of files.

Please tell me I can somehow retrieve the earlier files before the move. I did get some message at the end that some files couldn't be deleted.

Okay, I'm rooting around in the different folders of the hard drive and relying a lot on the message that some files couldn't be deleted. And I've noticed the previous directory for Evernote was:

Documents and Settings\Owner\Local Settings\Application Data\Evernote\Databases

In that directory, there is a huge file which I am assuming is the database of all the previous files with an extension of ".exb." I'm thinking I could copy that file over to the one at "Documents and Settings\Owner\Evernote\Databases. No, I'm not doing anything until someone more knowledgeable can confirm.

Thanks to anyone who can offer his/her expertise. This is just a nightmare I should have went with my gut feelings.

P.S. If my message sounds a bit disjointed, I'm splicing and copying over my questions from a different forum where I was advised to go to a Windows-dedicated one instead. (I happened to immediately see a question addressing my exact concern, albeit for an ios version.)

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3 hours ago, Angèle said:

I also tried : to switch off my computer and then on, to deconnect all my evernote accounts and reconnect them all, and then, to uninstall all my evernote apps and install them again. Nothing worked. 

And no way yo contact the support team without a premium account, so...

Any idea of what it might be? I think I should have stayed with the old version.... 





May I say Angele that your comments speak for me wholly, especially the part about the old version. I've never found anything useful about any of the updated changes (or I don't notice them). As an aside, I do wish something could prevent the conflicting changes that creates 2 files of the same name. Awhile back when I was using my tablet to also work on Evernote files, I did notice that if I didn't sync properly in sequence (I forget the order between the laptop and tablet) I would unwittingly create the conflicts. But there was one month, when a bunch of conflicting changes files would appear and I was using just one device. I don't know if it was how I closed the Evernote program (from Task Manager) but those conflicting changes files explained a lot of entries I didn't see in the primary file version. But I digress...

Truly, going along with Angele's remarks, can I revert back to the previous Evernote version or at the least call back the database with the previous files. That database held all the up-to-date changes.

I cannot believe the all conflicting changes files got wiped out.without warning.



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Hi.  The network problem this morning which @amanda_h referenced may have been an issue for your update,  though I think once the new software was downloaded and installed it then just moves the database file (the EXB file) to a new location.  If that move can't be completed,  it leaves the original file in its former location.  So.  It may be possible to rescue your installation,  but you'll need to take several careful steps.

If Evernote is up and running,  and 'all' that is missing are your notes,  I don't know what will happen if you simply copy the database from the old location to the new.  It's worth a try to see what happens;  but don't move any files from the old location until you're sure the new copy works.

Plan B is going to be to uninstall Evernote,  redownload the app and reinstall it,  and then copy the EXB file over the new complete installation.  If that doesn't work,  Plan C will be to downgrade your version to the last one you used and get your database back,  and then upgrade again to the latest version.

One of these steps should give you your existing notes and conflicting change entries back again.  If you had any unsynced notes or edits however they may already be lost. You'll need to be patient and work through this so we can salvage as much as possible from the wreck.

It's never popular to point out at this stage,,  that I,  like most (all?) other experienced users have an acute paranoia about my data,  and I always have a 'spare' copy of my database folder as a backup in case something goes wrong.  It's especially relevant to do so at update time,  because,  as you've found,  this is not a risk-free process!!


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Gazumped, thank you very much for your reasoned advice (almost missed it since I forgot to click for the notification). Before I read your message, I was rooting around and found the previous Evernote version in the previous directory (thank goodness!). I clicked on it but Windows prevented the program to open saying another version was already installed. It advised manually deleting the newer version to open the one I want. 

Beyond that, the only other action I did was move the files in the "databases" folder in the newer Evernote directory to a temporary folder I created. 

I'm reading your suggestions very slowly and carefully (lol) because like you I am very paranoid about data loss as well, and I take it very badly (it's like I'm suffering from hoarding disorder of digital files and can't let go). Normally I would take precautions, but I just got done working with files in the previous Evernote version and just didn't bother to sync to the web to at least save an extra copy to cloud. (Still, those conflicting changes files would not have carried over in the installation.)

I've had several computers die and only because I have a brother who is a computer geek was I able to at least retrieve most of the files stored on the hard drive. (He would remove the hard drive component and I would treat it simply as an external drive by connecting to the newer computer. But some files with certain programs as with Works Calendar - I know, Iknow, what a relic - can't be accessed without that program or something or another.)

Anyway, I'm going to copy your message offline so I can carefully follow along with your instructions.

I know with Windows, there is an option to easily revert to previous drivers before the updates with just a click. I suspect this won't be the case so I will tread carefully going forward. I'll need Xanax if I lose my files (mind you, I eschew meds of any kind as much within my control and absolute need).

Thanks again for your help. It's very much appreciated.




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Just to be sure, here is my plan:

I will delete manually the entire new directory (I have already moved the newest database files, which are corrupted in my mind, to a temporary folder I created), which should eliminate all traces of the newest version. Before I delete anything, I think I should compare the file names to make sure there isn't a missing file component in the previous directory.

Then I will click on that previous installation package version that still sits in AutoUpdate folder of the previous Evernote directory.

I believe that should bring back the previous Evernote version and I can access the previous ".exb" file (which is huge so I know it holds all my notes).

I forgot to close my other thought about precautionary measures for data loss in that I typically or theoretically copy files to an external hard drive with backup either onto individual flash drives for the important files (such as photos and documents), though I'm not certain of the longevity of flash drives. I've seen a feature (maybe Mythbusters) where the expert intentionally tries to damage the storage media as in immersing in water, burning it, smashing it, etc. to see whether the data could still be recovered as an experiment more of discarding unwanted computers. If memory serves, the storage media - or at least the data survived most, if not all, the severe damages. But my recollection of the details is sketchy.

In any event, it's a case of those one-second regret moves as in clicking submit.

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Here's an update:

I first moved to a temporary folder the newest ".exb" file from the latest Evernote version which got synced apparently from the versions on my web account and those were not the latest file copies. Then per gazumped's warnings, I did make an extra copy of the previous (and much desired) ".exb" file (albeit illogically to same hard drive and not to an external drive) as backup.

I didn't delete the newest Evernote version either manually or by Windows own uninstall program. Instead I rooted further around in the newest directory and saw in the Announcements folder the previous ".exb" was sitting there intact with the same properties details (same size and last modification date and time).

So I opened Evernote from the Start menu which led me to an interface with no list of notebooks on that dashboard. There was a dialog box that indicated the files would be moved to a new location which I tried to cancel that action. But it started copying files which I quickly stopped it by canceling. Next sight I saw was my previous index of notes and notebooks including the missing conflicting changes files.

I can't remember the time when I last made any changes to the files but at least the time indicated are more recent with the last modifications than the synced copies the installation of the newest version did.

So, I believe I was able to capture back all my missing notes and latest modifications without a fullout uninstall of the newest version and installing the previous version as stored in AutoUpdate folder.

I'm almost afraid to close out the Evernote program in losing my files again with some auto-programmed updating to sync (which was the step I blocked when I relaunched Evernote with its missing newer copy of ".exb"). I guess I'll sync the changes I last made (I believe).

If it works, the solution was much simpler than I fretted about. Whew.




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Thank you so much  for all your answers !

I suppose the evernote team must have been correcting the problem because (great job ! ) because this morning everything works perfectly, sync is done and all my files are back. (Well, even if those hadn't, I never make an update without exporting my files first, just in case ;) )  

Thank you again, 

Have a good (hopefully sunny) day !



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