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Show  notebook name when suggesting "download this notebook" when "No internet connection".



Having premium subscription, when I am offline and try to open not-cached note, I see "No internet connection" message
The message suggests  "download this notebook" , but it doesn't show the name of notebook. So I can't decide, do I want to download the notebook or not.
It will be good to show  notebook name to avoid ambiguity.
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Hi.  If you're offline you won't be able to download the notebook anyway,  but my Android screen shows the currently assigned notebook in the note header.  If that's missing in iOS,  hopefully EN will get around to harmonising the layout.

Since storage on most mobiles is limited,  I have a specific notebook into which I put all notes that are required offline.  (It's necessary to ensure the notebooks have synced fully before going off-network).  Individual notes can't be stored for offline searching.

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