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(Archived) Dragging images in 1.8.1 beta 1



So I decided to use Evernote to snap a business card, front and back, with my iPhone. This created 2 separate notes, no problem.

I went to my Mac, merged the notes, except they were out of order (the back was the first image in the note after merging). Therefore, I attempted to drag the second image (the front of the card) to the top of the note (just in front of the back image).

Instead of moving the image, Evernote decided to copy it. Therefore, I ended up with 3 images (an oreo of images, if you will).

While it was no trouble to delete the last image (bottom of the oreo), I believe this is still a bug that deserves some consideration.


Thanks to everybody at Evernote, you guys rock.

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