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Import notes from Outlook 2016 for Mac into Evernote

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I've just downloaded Evernote to give it a try and right at step 1 I'm mystified. I have thousands of Outlook notes (used to be Entourage notes, but my old computer died and I had to upgrade to that not-very-friendly program). I exported them as an .olm thinking I'd be able to put them into Evernote that way. Then when I couldn't find any way to import the olm I tried looking through help and the forums here, expecting that this must be a very common "how to get started" kind of question... now I'm just lost. I see only ways to get a few notes sent over, individually and laboriously, or ways that seem to make my text notes into images which defeats the purpose, at least for me, of importing them.


I feel like I must be missing something.


Can a person with extensive Outlook notes get themselves started with Evernote without taking forever or losing all the organization and function of the old notes? If so, how?

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Hi.  Evernote - as you already realise - doesn't have a dedicated Outlook importer,  although there is a "Save to Evernote" Clipper for Outlook,  which AFAIK is available for Notes.  It may not deal with multi-selected notes,  and it certainly wouldn't be a great idea to select more than a few at a time if it does - slow and careful testing would be advisible.

Outlook will export Notes t various formats,  and even has (or had,  in previous versions) it's own 'automation' built in - Quick Steps.

Various services will connect different apps together,  and some may be useful in this situation.  Again I'm not aware of which,  if any,  will connect with Outlook - they do all integrate with Evernote.  Apologies to the ones I've forgotten here - I know there are more!

IFTTT - https://ifttt.com/

Workflows - https://workflow.is/

Zapier  - https://zapier.com/

There is a product called Evernote Batch which will convert Notes to Evernote notes,  but it has some.. oddities.. (you need to revert to a previous Evernote version to install it).  It's also a paid-for app. http://www.onenotegem.com/evernote-batch.html

If you have any Mac access and skills,  this is the sort of process that can be automated by scripts,  or in Windows AutoHotKey http://www.autohotkey.com/ will speed up repetitive keystrokes.

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