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Customize menu (text note)

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I'm using my Androids voice recognition to enter text notes and am unable to "hit return" without turning off the voice recognition and using the keyboard.  I would like to customize the menu which shows formatting icons for bold, ital, bullets, etc.  to include an "return" or "enter" key. Adding a quick key for semicolon or another Punctuation might also be nice.   Is this doable?  Or am I just going about this all wrong and there is a better way to do voice recognition in Evernote?   It doesn't recognize commands as far as I can tell. 

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I often use Android voice recognition to enter text in a note. I hadn't thought about this issue till now, but I tested something out and found that it worked: while I am dictating, I leave a short pause and say "enter," with another short pause after it, and voilà! a new paragraph begins. If you just say "enter" in the midst of a flowing sentence, it types the word "enter"; but a little pause before and after seems to produce a carriage return consistently. Sometimes Google does surprise me in a good way!

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