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Sync note link name

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when copying Note A's note link and paste to Note B, that link is named by the title of Note A, which means, note title equals to note link name.

Then if I change the title of Note A, the link name of Note A pasted earlier to Note B won't change automatically, I have to copy Note A link and paste to Note B again - MANUALLY, which is a pain. Please make it possible for the note link name change automatically after the original note title is changed. Thank you.

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Hmmn.  I'm sure we have other feature requests regarding note links and this one is possibly a bit specific for voting on,  but I moved it to the Windows Desktop Feedback thread in the absence of a generic 'all platforms' voting option.  If you use a different OS,  let me know and I'll move it again...

Not sure how feasible it is for a note to track the editing of its linked 'parent',  but hey - we're just users,  not seasoned coding professionals.

I'll vote for this,  because I'd like easier ways to create links (like [[brackets]] as used in Wikis and some note-taking apps...) and ways to find "notes linking to (this one)" and transclusion of some/ all of one note as part of another... etc etc..


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