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"Duplicate Note" feature?/request

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Is there anyway to right click a note (or otherwise) and duplicate an exisiting note more than oncein one go? such that if I want 5 copies I don't need to perform this feature 5 times?

Similar to when you're printing a document?

Using windows desktop , have access to android and ipad ios



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Workaround.  Easiest way I know to do it with today's EN is to drag the note to the desktop (creating an ENEX file) and then double click that shortcut five times.  You will then have added five copies of the note.  If you do this a lot, you could export those five notes to an ENEX file on your desktop.  From that point on when you double click the icon you will add five notes.  In my use case I have a phone call template in an ENEX file which sits on the desktop for easy access.  FWIW.

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