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Cannot remove empty space after web clip

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I'm new to Evernote so apologies if I'm missing something obvious. After importing a selection from the web clipper (either in Edge or Opera), there's empty space above it that I can't seem to remove (see attachment). No matter where a position the cursor I cannot delete the empty space, in fact it will often delete text that appears after or below the cursor rather than the space before it. This is using the Windows Desktop version, if I load up the Evernote Touch app for Windows 10 then I can remove the empty space be deleting before the text as you would expect in any regular text editor.

I know the desktop version has formatting issues but I just wanted to check I wasn't missing something?

Edit: Looks like it was a one off with the Touch app. I haven't been able to remove the empty space on most of my notes from Web Clipper.


Evernote Clip.png

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Hi.  OK that's officially weird.  It's expected that you will import formatting from the web page,  but if you import the page you should get what you imported,  not an extra inch or two of space.  Does it make any difference if you clip "Selection" or "Simplified Page" rather than Page?

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Web pages, and fragments of pages such as are produced by clipping, often contain markup that Evernote has difficulty displaying, much less editing sanely. Web developers do weird things, or depend on Javascript to produce effects; all of those things can produce problems like what you're reporting. Simplified Page clipping, as gazumped suggests, is usually better behaved.

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