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(Archived) Audio notes stuck in Pending Notes, won't sync


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Hi there,

I have made some audio notes today and had the Droid set to upload them at the office via wireless, but at the office no sync is occuring.

Are my notes on the SD Card? I mean, will they remain even if I shut off the phone? At the moment I don't have access to them, only to edit the info card in Pending Notes.

It seems like I will need to restart, but don't want to risk any data loss.

I have tried to force the sync by changing various settings, etc, but no luck.

Any thoughts?

Any help would be appreciated!

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From the Pending Notes screen, you can go to the Menu to see the Logs for the device. This may indicate why the note isn't uploading.

If you mount your device via USB onto your computer, I think that the audio files may be accessible from USB.

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