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Ink notes integrated like on mobiles

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Hi Evernote team

I recently bought a Lenovo Yoga laptop which functions with touch like the surface pro. So I did also buy a pen to compliment my note taking for my school, but then when I wanted to draw something handwritten on the desktop and noticed that the neat feature, to just directly draw something in a note was missing on desktop compared to mobile. I am aware of the "ink" feature, but it looks old, feels old and it's really hard to integrate the handdrawn thing into a note.

Hope to hear from you, cause i'm really considering switching to onenote as they have this feature and better formatting. I have just been an evernote user for quite a while and have enjoyed it until this.


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Hi.  Not sure what you're hoping to hear from Evernote - they don't normally share information about work in progress or delivery dates,  and as you already know the desktop version of Evernote Windows doesn't have pen capability that we're aware of.  You might be able to get some help from Lenovo - they may be able to point to some compatible editors that can deal with their pen input,  and if you can copy/ paste the results into an Evernote note,  or otherwise attach or embed a file into your note,  you would be able to edit it seamlessly from that note.  For the moment at least an Ink note is all you get from Evernote - I'm using Samsung's S-Note app on my phablet to deal with handwriting and drawing notes.  It will save to Evernote.

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