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Screenshot major issues

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I'm using Chrome for Mac - Version 52.0.2743.116 (64-bit).

There are major issues with the screenshot feature:

  1. Screenshot tool selection highlight is not visible on websites with black background
  2. Screenshot of Youtube videos is a pain. For example, if you were to look at a video from Khan Academy (KA) website (please see attached photo and my annotations), you can understand what I am trying to say
  3. Screenshot of Youtube videos in full screen mode fails - again from the same KA website (I am not a computer person but I think they 'embed' Youtube videos)
  4. On any website/webpage, if I click screenshot and drag the tool but press Esc key before releasing the mouse drag-click, the web clipper disappears as it should but I am no longer able to scroll down the page as even the scroll bar vanishes (using the mouse scroll bar does not work as well). Sometimes, the webpage becomes blank. I can use the page normally only after hitting refresh

I am actually using Evernote tools to explain visually the issue(s) in this forum, wow, it really is an awesome tool!




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11 hours ago, rubenb said:


Thanks for the detailed feedback. The issues could be reproduced.
I'm not sure we can fix #3, though.


Thanks for the quick response. While these issues are being addressed, I would like to request a tiny feature addition. When clipping a screenshot, I am unable to move beyond what is displayed on the screen (unable to scroll to increase the selection window). Screenshot by definition shouldn't allow scrolling but it would be nice to have it capturing content that does not always fit within the display screen.

Edit: Also, if you can add resize option after we have selected the clipping and before it opens up for annotation and saving, I think it would make it easier when we are doing quick clippings and in situations like that where we may make mistakes in selection. Currently, resize option is available only within the selection.

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Another tiny addition request feature
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