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Ink and Text note assimilation


Honestly, Evernote has so much potential, but as of right now, it's such an unfinished project. It's such a hassle to go from an ink note to a typing note. There needs to be a better way to integrate drawing and text notes. There are times when I'm typing down a note, but because I'm a biochem major, sometimes I need to draw out the molecules I'm taking notes on. It would be preferable to not have to do this in another note, but to be able to do it in the same note. As of right now I see that you can make an audio note that you can take notes on, or add audio to a text note, so to be able to do this with hand written notes would be nice.

It would be nice actually to just completely forgo the different types of notes "note", "ink note", "audio note", etc. and just have one note where you can just add any sort of content and add drawings in whatever way you choose. 

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I totally agree with Chaoyantime. I'm having the same issues. I'm taking an Ink Note and would like to record what's being said at the same time but I can't... I have a Surface and it's ideal for taking handwritten notes. But can't record at the same time or have to take typed notes if I wand to record audio...

Having one type of note where I can decide whether I want to type or ink or record audio (all on the same note) would definitely be great (like OneNote does). In the meantime, I have to use OneNote (but audio sometimes records nothing...).

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