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Capturing Handwritten Notes for Scanning (Windows)

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Until June 15, 2016 Evernote worked perfectly for me.  Using my Note 5 and the Evernote APP, I could quickly shoot perfect documents of my handwritten notes, and virtually every handwritten word (from my admittedly rotten handwriting) was scannable.   Same ease of capture for business cards.  Since that date, however, it has been a disaster.    The customer service associate from Evernote has been very responsive and has tried to help, but to no avail, and he has indicated that a software change of some sort was made on or around that date and the techies at Evernote are presumably working on a fix.  Prior to this date, I was a major Evernote evangelist, telling virtually everyone I worked with of its ease and beauty of use.  I can evangelize no longer, and before long if not fixed, I'll be out of here. 

Am I the only one who is experiencing these issues?


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