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Outlook Clipper Slow & Clunky

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Outlook Clipper adds 20-30 seconds to the time for my Outlook 2016 application to boot up. I have manually selected "never disable" for the Outlook Clipper add-in, but I get frustrated with how long it takes to start Outlook and how long it takes the first time I click the "Save to Evernote" button. 

Is anyone else having this problem, too? Suggestions?

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Don't know if this is still relevant to you, but, I just started using Outlook 2016 and Outlook, and the Clipper, load really fast for me.

I found your post as I'm having a different problem I may open a new thread about - after clipping, it takes like 30 seconds for the Clipper to go away and me to regain control of Outlook. :(  

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It's almost 2 years after the last post and I'm still having the same issue being described.  Come on Evernote 

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