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macOS Client Can't Drag Notebooks into Stack?

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I've been using Evernote for years, but only started using the macOS client late last year. I created a notebook in the local macOS client, synchronized, then tried to drag it into a previously existing stack. It wouldn't work. No error, just no option to create the stack when I dragged the notebook over the stack and let go. There appears to be no right-click option on a notebook to add it to a stack, nor any menu option to create stacks.

I logged into Evernote Web and dragged the notebook into the stack I wanted and was done in 5 seconds. :huh:

Is this a macOS bug? Surely this can't be a missing feature....?

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Aha! Indeed, that was the issue. Thanks so much! :D

So the question is...why has Evernote crippled the macOS version? :huh: This is a core function I'm used to on Windows. There's nothing intuitive about having to go into the notebooks view to drag one over. 

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