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Advertising in the desktop product

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As an Evernote Plus user, I do not like to adverts for the Premium product stamped on my note. I don't need to be told that "More Context" could be available if I paid you more money for the Premium version. These are my notes, NOT yours, and I don't like my privacy being intruded upon by having blatant advertising stamped on notes that I have created. How can this be stopped? It is not a feature, but an impudent intrusion. How can I turn it off? Did you consult users before sticking adverts in to the product?

Paul Richards

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Hi.  AFAIK there's no interference with the note itself,  what you may see are part of the display surrounding the note.  It would be helpful if you could set up a 'test' note and send a screen shot of the display(s) that are causing you an issue.  Like every other software provider Evernote reminds you of additional features that might be available whether you're a Basic Plus or Premium user.  I don't have a plus account,  so I'm not sure what control you'll have over the material you see,  but there will be some options you can disable.

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