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Synchronization not as fast as Google Drive?

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Hello. I was just wondering if anyone else has had issues with the syncing between their multiple devices? I have EN Premium on my iPhone, MacBook Pro, and my Windows computer at work running Windows 10. I do a lot of jumping around between my devices throughout the day, and I have noticed that it takes a very long time for Evernote to sync all of my recent changes across my different devices. Example: I upload a PDF to my MacBook, add it to a notebook in EN, switch over to my Windows EN, refresh, sync, sync again, wait 10 minutes, sync again, restart EN, sync again, and the PDF that I uploaded from my MacBook is still not showing up on my PC, nor my iPhone. The same thing happens when creating a new Notebook (really any change for that matter). When I do the same things with Google Drive, the changes seem instant; I don't have to wait at all for my Google Drive to sync. Any ideas on how to fix this? Or does EN just take longer to sync? Cheers.

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I don't have the same issue, FWIW.  If I add something on my work PC and sync, it syncs to my phone right away when I start up EN on the phone.  When I start up EN on my home PC it syncs right away, though that doesn't mean much in this context.  If I email something to my EN account it appears within a minute on my PC.  

Does it make any difference where you are, home or work, relative to the sync lag?  

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Seems to me the difference here is where the 'original' file sits.  If you work on Google Drive,  your file is stored there,  and you're working on the original from moment one.  No matter which device you check that file from,  you'll see the latest,  altered version.

With Evernote your desktop has a copy of the file as does the server.  When you make changes your desktop knows about them,  but doesn't necessarily pass them on to the server immediately.  When you work from a mobile device it has to download a copy of the original,  but until any edits are saved,  the server copy remains unchanged and you're again working on a copy on that device.

It sound as though you're working on several devices and switching between them,  whilst also waiting for their normal sync process to complete.  If you manually sync your device both before and after you work on any file,  you should ensure the server always has the latest copy of that file,  and that your device passes on any changes made immediately (assuming it has a network connection). 

Getting the document updated will be as quick as completing the latest sync - not instant,  but a matter of a few seconds only.

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