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How to get rid of 'Remember'


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I tried to sell my wife on Evernote. I can't live without it, she quickly decided she could and deleted the app from her Mac. But she keeps getting these 'Remember' windows popping up over anything that might be something she might want to remember in Gmail. The  Evernote elephant logo appears next to 'Remember' so it is obviously from Evernote. How does she stop this?



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I'm assuming it's a permissions thing and that revoking it might help. Have you tried logging into her account and going into settings and revoking it there? If she has completed closed her EN account then you may have to do it in Gmail settings.

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3 minutes ago, Martinnel said:

Are you saying there might be an Evernote setting within Gmail settings?

There might be an authorization setting inside of Gmail. I don't use Gmail so I'm not sure where it would be but I know that in the past when I did use it I had to authorize third-party apps to manage my email so there might be something like that for EN in there.

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