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(Archived) Voice replay on milestone not working


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Hey there,

i'm running Evernote 1.3 (70553) on a Motorola Milestone with the 2.1 Android release.

the voice recording/replay seems not to be working,

i start the recording.. say some stuff, but when i now want to replay the note on my android ('before saving).. there is no audio output at all.

after upload, within the web-interface i can listen to my recording, but not on the milestone.

my telephone functions are working without a problem!

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hey there, so i installed the Evernote_beta_1.4.76539.apk version after de-installing the old one..

i now have the "speaker on" option available


sorry to admit, it seems i just had the "music/video volume" to low... don't know why this was on zero :shock:

so sorry again for the trouble, it works as expected now..

btw. just noticed that the +/- volume hardware-buttons on the droid/milestone just control the "music/video volume" IF a media thingy is playing right now.. otherwise it controls the "ringer volume"

sooo, you can close the report with "user fail" if you want ;)

regards patric

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