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Wrong on text format with extra space for block code.

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I'm using Evernote on Windows 10.

When I paste a block of code on Evernote into Code Block section (CTRL+SHIFT+L), it automatically inserts some additional space before punctuation, brackets, ... Evernote may auto fix for text format although this behavior is not expected for code block.

Please refer the attachment for screenshot.

Could you please give me some suggestion to avoid these additional spaces?



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Hi.  Doesn't look as though anyone has any relevant experience.  The usual workaround is to use an external plain text editor and save the file into the note.  It can be opened from Evernote on any device on which that software is installed,  and saved back into the same note.  If you want to search based on the content,  just copy/ paste the content of your plain text document into the note.  Doesn't matter if the format is off - you have the correct spacing saved in the attached file.

Having said that - it's unusual (I think) to have problems with pasting into the code block - I'd suggest you contact support to report this as a possible bug.

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Hi gazumped,

Thank you for your response.

I used to copy and paste the code into Notepad++, then copy it to Evernote, but it got the same problem.

Is there any setting in Evernote to disable the Auto Format Text of Evernote?

Also, how can report this possible bug via Contact Support. When accessing Contact Support link, it navigates to a page with only Community support button enabled. I am using free account so I cannot get support via Chat or Email to report bug. Could you please help? 

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Hi.  The problem is in copying the material into Evernote.  Tools > Options > Note has some editing options that might affect the issue.  Try choosing bug report from the drop downs - that should get you a ticket number,  but if not you could tweet @EvernoteHelps... :)

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