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All my Notes Gone in Evernote Web

Kenneth Holland

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As of about 2 hours ago all my notes on Evernote web have disappeared.  All my folders are there but notes and tags are gone.

I thought it might be that I'm on a free account so I revoked access to one of my devices (ipad).

All my notes still appear on my iphone.

I've rebooted, cleared cache etc...

Anyone have an idea what I can do??

Help! :)



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Hi @Kenneth Holland;

Can y'all try clearing the Cache in Chrome and let me know if the issue persists?

How to Clear Chrome Cache and Cookies

Also, if you have any other extensions enabled in your Chrome browser, try disabling those extensions:

Manage Chrome Extensions

@jmr0 - Does this issue only occur in Chrome, or can you view your notes list in another browser?

I look forward to hearing from y'all.

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@BSR Thanks for reaching out - this was happening in both Chrome and Firefox with clear caches. It seemed to go away by itself after a few hours, and unfortunately I didn't have any other device to test it on at the time so I can't say whether it affected anything besides Evernote Web.

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