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Feature Request: Show on Web Clipper icon if current URL is already in Evernote



It would be very useful to see a little number or image on the Web Clipper icon in browser, if the current URL I am visiting is already in my Evernote notes.

It has happened several times that I clip a website only to find out later that it was the second, third or fourth time I clipped the very same website into Evernote.

I hope this is useful for everybody.


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Hi.  What about clipping different selections from the same website or updated pages?  And would you want the site clipped first and then to wait while Evernote does a search of existing pages to check that this URL hasn't been seen before?  Or would you want Evernote not to clip until it's done the check?

I had a case today where,  as the result of someone mentioning a useful Search cheat sheet in another thread - https://www.cheatography.com/senseful/cheat-sheets/evernote/ - I went and grabbed it.  Turns out I already had two copies - one clipped in 2012 and one in 2014.  I kept the latest one.

Personally I'm in favor of fast clips,  with (maybe) Context to show me if I have any existing notes that relate to the item I just added.  If ever I'm in doubt I'll clip anyway;  if I ever notice (as I have a couple more times today) that a search brings up duplicate pages,  I'll delete them. 

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