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Help required: Simple Formatting

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I am new to Evernote (Android on a Samsung Galaxy TabS) and I just entered a neww note with some text. Now I want to format some parts (bold, underlined ...). But the formatting tools do not appear! What am I doing wrong?

Please see attached screenshots showing the formatting switch green or not green and no tools anywhere. BTW switching the format switch from ON (green) to OFF and vice versa doesn't always work: sometimes it does not react.

Help anyone? Thnx

Screenshot_2016-08-10-22-13-18 (Klein).png

Screenshot_2016-08-10-22-13-24 (Klein).png

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Hello @njlöhnjö,

Thank you for posting and welcome to the forums. Since you are using a TabS with a movable keyboard, try switching the keyboard to a different one on the device or making the keyboard go to the half-screen view to see if the formatting bar appears. If it doesn't, please provide the following information about your device:

  • Version of Android running on your Galaxy TabS
  • Version of the Evernote application installed on the TabS
  • Name of the keyboard being used
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