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FEATURE REQUEST_Check for Duplicates



I have been using Evernote since 6 years ago. And now I have over 2000 notes in my account.

Need this feature to check for duplicates, especially for web clipped articles, because sometimes I found I clipped the same article several times in different time spots. It'll be nice if Evernote can enable this feature.

Thanks for your vote.


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Hi.  I've managed lots of big databases,  and the problem you always find is that maintaining the content is as big a job as using it.  I save things to Evernote so I can find it again in searches,  and my process for duplicate entries is "delete 'em if you find 'em".  Once uploaded to the server,  deleting a note doesn't benefit you except in slightly smaller search results.  You may as well leave it there until it becomes a nuisance.  Plus: suppose you annotate one clip making it different from the other.  Or clipped a slightly different number of paragraphs.  How sophisticated must the comparison be?

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26 minutes ago, gazumped said:

and my process for duplicate entries is "delete 'em if you find 'em"

My process as well.  If I happen to notice a duplicate I will delete it otherwise this falls into my don't care bucket.  For me EN is a big kitchen "junk" drawer.  As long as I can dig out what I need, I don't care if there is extra stuff in there.

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