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Tuskify - a new app to automate your Evernote! Beta testers required...


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Hi everyone,
I'm really excited to announce an app we have been working extremely hard on for the last year!  The app is called Tuskify and can be found at https://www.tuskify.com.
Tuskify is currently in beta and is an integration with Evernote that allows you to automate the way you organize your notes. For example if you regularly move notes with all checkboxes complete to your "Done" notebook, we can do that automatically for you.
Tuskify allows you to check your notes for specific conditions. These conditions are called "Triggers", and when they occur one or more "Actions" that you specify are performed. In the example above, the trigger is the checkboxes being set to complete and the action is moving the note to the "Done" notebook.
The trigger and action above form a "recipe" and a recipe can contain multiple triggers and actions.
We are currently looking for a number of beta testers before we go public with this. If you are interested please sign up for a free 7 day trial by visiting Tuskify.
We want to make this the best it can be so we want to hear the good, the bad and the ugly, including the cunning ways you found to break it!
You can get in touch with us by:
 - using the Support form
 - emailing us directly at support@tuskify.com
 - direct message on this forum
 - tweeting us @Tuskify
We aim to reply to all communication within 2 days, but please keep in mind that further investigation may be required which could take longer. Please be assured that we will reply to everyone's comments. 
We're excited to hear what you think!
Recipes are run against notes that you create or update. For example, if you add a recipe that looks for notes with the word "testing" in the title, any notes that you then create or update with "testing" in the title will be picked up by this recipe.
Time-based recipes are the exception to the above.  Rather than being triggered by a created or updated note, these recipes are triggered by the passing of time, such as a reminder on a note becoming due.
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