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(Archived) Lost all my notes, but still have the pyy.evernote files



Not sure what happened. I got an error last week when shutting down, said it had a problem saving a note. Since the note was blank, I didn't look twice at the error. May have been a mistake.

Anyway, went to open Evernote this morning while out on the road, and all my notes are gone. Only thing there is the Welcome to Evernote. Guess maybe when it opened, it must have sync'ed because there isn't anything on the web site either.

In searching, I found a bunch of files in the cache directory, and it looks like the data for all of my notes. However, the .sql file appears to only have the default note in it.

I can't import them because they aren't valid export files. Anyone know how I can rebuild my database using the files in the cache library?

I'm running the MAC version.

One other thing. I have backups of everything, and can likely restore the necessary directories back to before this happened, but I'm traveling this week and do not have access to the backups.



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