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Evernote not working on chromebook

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Evernote has not been working properly on my chromebook for a couple of weeks now. On my chromebook I use evernote as a web application via the chrome browser

The problems include:

  • If I "open as window" - which means open it as a standalone window by clicking on the evernote icon on the chromebook shelf - the evernote window will often freeze up. This means I cannot select notes or edit the note which is open.
  • If I open evernote as a separate tab, there is a less likelihood of freezing. However I experience frequent lags.
  • Today I found that I cannot use the link function to link a phrase to a url like this. Evernote simply pastes the entire link instead of the highlighted phrase.
  • While I'm here I would like to ask why the normal keyboard shortcut [CTR+K] - as used in word, google docs - do not work for evernote when creating linked test. It is very time consuming to always have to go the the menu bar to create a link. 
  • Also when clicking links to edit them evernote previously allowed me to edit both the link text and the link [in two separate boxes]. Now there is only one box, for the link itself. I can't edit the link text anymore.

Please help. I have used evernote regularly for over a year now and it has been a great productivity tool for me. However I have been using it less and less due to the current problems I'm experiencing.

Thank you.

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