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sharing & moving notes - how do you UNLOCK a notebook?

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I have a premium account. I am trying to move notes from one notebook to another but it appears Notebook "A" is locked. Not sure how I did that but now I cannot move the notes out of it to Notebook "B". I clicked on the "i" and it says I do not have permissions?? 


I'm also attempting to share this notebook with 7 other people. Only two of the names are visible, the other 5 are grayed out. How do I make all the sharing names visible?


See screen shots below


I'm using the web version of Evernote on a Mac with Chrome.  

move note.jpg

notebook info.jpg



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I have the same issue. I can't add / delete / edit notes in a shares notebook i have permission to edit and view.

Weird thing is that I can add / delete / edit just fine in the web interface.

Extremely annoying.

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The previous posts in this thread were in August and September 2016. It is now 1 month away from 2018.  I have also just encountered this issue.   Surprised no responses at all yet.

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