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Delay from left panel to note list

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Does anyone has a delay when moving focus from left panel to note list. For me it's about 10 seconds each time. Really annoying. Is there a solution for that issue ?

I'm using Evernote desktop, Windows 10. I only have about 130 notes with format text, but only one or two pages each and without attachments. It's a light database. I've tried online app but it's really to laggy.

This 10 seconds delay is a real problem for me and I'm thinking about finding another app for my notes. But I would prefer to stick with Evernote.

Thank's for any help.

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Two of the first things to try for something like this (which could conceivably be a matter of something "stuck" in memory) are:

  1. Log out and back in. On the File menu, select "Sign out..." near the bottom. This will bring up a little window with a sign-in box for your username or e-mail and password. Once logged back in, see how things are.
  2. Exit the program altogether and restart it. Do File > Exit rather than Alt+F4 or the red X at the top right; the latter two apparently only shut down the front end rather than fully exiting the program. Is the lag gone after the restart?

Probably a good idea to do a manual sync before doing either of these, just to be safe.

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