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(Archived) Deleting notes doesn't free up space?

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Friendly greetings! I've been pondering going Premium but in the meantime, I'm on a free account.

Recently, I accidentally dragged several large images onto Evernote. It synced them and then I deleted the images, but it didn't remove the quota space they took up.

It looks like on viewtopic.php?f=30&t=11129&start=0&hilit=delete+notes+free that deleting notes doesn't free up space, is that still the case? I'd like to understand the expected behavior.

Thanks in advance.

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The quota isn't a quota on the amount of space you have on Evernote' servers. The quota is a limit on the amount of data you are permitted to upload per month. If you upload data and synchronize it, your quota isn't reduced when you delete the note since you've already sent the data. Whenever your billing cycle ends your quota will start again at zero. Downloading data to another client (if you have multiple clients) is not included in your quota. Only data going "up" takes it away.

There isn't a limit to the amount of data you can store on Evernote's servers, but you are limited by the size of an attachment and the monthly upload quota.

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