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A Few Skitch Issues (Found When Automating)


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Hey everyone,

So I'm using Skitch as part of my OS X script that basically does the following: upon pressing the hotkey it lets you select an area of the screen (or takes the whole screen, depending on the hotkey), then it opens up Skitch to let you edit it and then it uploads the edited image to Imgur and gives you the direct image link. All in 1 hotkey.

I've found Skitch to be the best lightweight image editor out there for OS X but there are a couple of issues right now that are bugging me. I would gladly fix them myself if it was possible to edit the source code. The issues are:

1. When saving (or rather, exporting) the image Skitch always replaces slashes in the image name (example "image_1_01/01/2016") with underscores (becomes "image_1_01_01_2016"). I find it annoying because I always have to click the exact image I've been editing to make Skitch save it with slashes, not underscores.


I don't really get why do this if I'm opening the OS-compliant named image with Skitch in the first place. Would it be possible to fix this?

2. When doing an export and pressing 'Enter' to save the image Skitch always asks if I want to replace the image (if I'm saving the edited image with the same name). I wonder if it would be possible to make a checked option if I want to just replace automatically every time I choose the same image name or if I at least could use arrows on the keyboard to move the button focus from 'Cancel' to 'Replace'. I'm sure Skitch developers out there would understand why I want to use keys as much as possible instead of trackpad.

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