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(Archived) Some Mac Questions

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Just started with the Mac beta. Very nice!!!

Of course, a couple of questions:

1. My ink notes say Ink Support Coming Soon. This message should be self evident, but.... does that really mean that the Mac cannot support pure ink?

2. Is there no auto-import function in the Mac version? I will really miss this if so.

3. One other... My version is not highlighting searched finds. It correctly brings up the note, but the search text is not highlighted; neither in text nor images.

4. Ok, one more. Is there a way to create checkboxes (or todos or whatever you want to call them) on the Mac client?


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#4: There will be a Mac update available in the next 48 hours which will add the ToDo checkboxes. Give it a shot then.

#3: Let us know if you're still having problems with highlighting after this next update. If so, we'd be interested in gathering a little more information.

#1 and #2 are in the pipeline... will keep you posted when they get closer to going live.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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