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Create sub-tags while tagging notes

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I wish it were possible, while adding tags to a note, to create a new sub-tag. It is currently quite easy to create a new top-level tag simply by typing its name into the note's "Add tag..." field. What I am suggesting is to choose a delimiter (I know this is a challenge with so large a user base) such that you could type: dog:poodle. This would create a new sub-tag "poodle" under the existing tag "dog," and add the note to "poodle".

Use case for this: In processing new, incoming notes, I often need to create a new sub-tag to fit new subject matter. At present I need to switch over to the tag hierarchy, find the parent tag, right-click, choose "Create Tag," and type the sub-tag name. Then I return to the note and type the sub-tag name.

My suggestion could lead to the possibility of adding new subtags via the subject line of an emailed note. For me these changes would make using Evernote much smoother.


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