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DevonThink updated with new iOS app


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DevonThink JUST came out with the brand new iOS app - DevonThink togo 2. App has been worked on from scratch. I am right now looking how I can integrate it with my Evernote or if I need Evernote at all. New DevonThink for iOS syncs 100% with my DevonThink on my MAC (no PC-versions available). Saw I can use Dropbox as well but do not like cloud services for my personal data. App is cheap and absolutely no subscriptions. Will come back when I tested it more. Looks promising looking at the reviews in the App Store though.

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maybe, maybe not.  I've had the full DT suite for awhile now.  As well as EN Premium.  I too thought I'd be able to dump EN, but after working with DT for about a year, I still maintain both.  

You take the lack of a subscription at DT as a positive.  But after you've worked with it awhile, you might have other thoughts.  No subscription means no money for the development horsepower to develop products like, well, DTTG2.  It's been years in the coming and wandered down many false trails in the making.  And it's just a fairly benign IOS app with interface.  

DTPO is an extremely powerful product, but it's also has an extremely steep learning curve to unlock that power.  When you see the hacks and thefts going on around you where the big boys play, and you wonder about the safety & integrity of one's data.  Subscriptions buy you the development horsepower to keep your product current.  

Importing EN, enmass, has never been sure fire with DT.  Be  sure to "chunk."  

It all depends on whether your profit margin can absorb the learning and experimentation to really exploit the power of DTPO.  As an independent contractor, learning it cut deeply into "the take."  Plus, since there was no cloud product on the side and all of my work was in the field, I had to safeguard my work by collecting in EN IOS, syncing to the cloud, and then later transferring to DTPO.  

Having said all that, the DT message boards are friendly, helpful and extremely knowledgeable.  It seems to be the favorite product of academics and people who write long, complicated products or do research and record lots of data.  

I've had the subscription/purchase discussion there.  It was not received well.  I guess it all depends on one's needs.  

I'm just now DL DTTG2.  I hope it's good.  

That said, DevonAgent Pro, DevonAgent Sphere, and DevonAgent Express are research gold.   

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