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How do I see what notebook a note is in: Win PC?

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How do I tell what notebook a note is in when I am looking at it, when I am on a PC? When I am looking on my iPhone it is easy, because the notebook is on the left and the tags are not the right, and the title is on the top. I can move the note to a notebook, but why bother when it is already there? I am sure you can do this but I do not know. This is when I am in Snippet view, even if I double click on the note. 

While I am here, what is the difference between side listing and top listing? I can see the notebook in that view (I think) but I prefer the snippet view, as I am sure most people do.

Many thanks!

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The notebook name is displayed in the note panel (not the note list), right under the title of the note. If the note panel is not visible, you can turn it on in the View menu, or with Ctrl+F11. If you have the note open in its own window, the notebook name is again displayed right under the title. (As an aside, you can click on the downward arrow next to the notebook name and move it to a different notebook if you want.)

The only difference between top list and side list is where the list is placed relative to the note panel.

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Per @Dave-in-Decatur the notebook is visible in the note header area for all views and can be a column in the list views.  I prefer the side list view with the left panel closed (F10).  This allows for a longer list of notes (if needed from a search) and more of the note is visible.  FWIW

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