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QEverCloud: Unofficial Evernote Cloud API for Qt - version 3.0 released

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A couple of years ago mgsxx announced the initial release of QEverCloud - the library implementing the Evernote SDK in a Qt-friendly way, using Qt's containers and data types. With QEverCloud you can easily interact with your Evernote account's notes, notebooks, tags and other various info from inside the Qt app using the library. QEverCloud is used by NixNote2, the unofficial Linux Evernote desktop client.

About a year ago I took this project over and just recently the 3.0 release has hit the ground. Not much has changed from the functionality POV, my focus was on compatibility and the ease of packaging: the latest version of the library supports both Qt4 and Qt5 branches and within Qt5 it supports the use of either QtWebKit or QtWebEngine for OAuth. I've even created some packages for Linux, for now only for Debian Jessie, Linux Mint 17 and Fedora 24. More packages and packaging recipes for other OS and distros would hopefully follow.

Everyone is welcome to try QEverCloud out and provide some feedback - questions, suggestions, problem reports, help with further packaging :)

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