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I am SO frustrated right now!! I am working on a big (for me) writing project. I have been keeping my notes in Evernote and I switch between my iPhone and my Mac. Because I was looking at an old version of the note on my Mac (using web browser) when I refreshed my notes on my phone IT SAVED THE OLD VERSION!!!! So the writing I'd added the other day was deleted. It appeared for a moment on the screen on my mac but then refreshed and disappeared. I checked the note history but none of the changes (that SHOULD have uploaded a couple of days ago!!) are not to be found. I am about ready to delete the Evernote app from off of my phone and find some other cloud-based word processing application. I am sure there are many. 

Here is my question: is there ANY WAY to recover my work? The old version of the note shows up now on both my mac & my phone. 

Question #2: What can I do to keep this from happening to me again?!!! 

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Note history would be the only place to recover an older version of the note, unless you made a backup of your data recently.

The best way to avoid sync issues is to sync when you enter/exit a platform.

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