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Problems with Evernote in Outlook



I used the add-in for Evernote in Outlook to save a message.

The email transferred in with the date: Date received: December 31, 4500 6:00 PM instead of today.

Obviously this is a problem if I am trying to keep a record of conversations. Assistance to fix this appreciated.

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Sorry if this is a retired thread, but I am having the same issue.  I have been using Evermail for a couple years and love it.  However, now that Evermail is no longer supported, I am searching for an alternative.  I tried Outlook for Mac today with the Evernote Clipper.  Aside from other issues that are the subject of other threads (lack of keyboard shortcuts, time/date stamps), this is a deal breaker.

The imported note shows the To: and From: fields in the email header accurately, but the Date received: field supplants the original time/date stamp with December 31, 4500 5:00 PM.  Any solutions?

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