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Problems with automatic emojis in app

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On the app, when I type a smiley in a note and then press enter right after, it automatically turns into an emoji.

These emojis cannot be deleted using backspace when typing on the app, but they can be cut out. They can also be deleted when I'm editing notes on the desktop version.

My big problem is that the emojis just show up as blank boxes on the desktop version.


My phone is a One Plus 2 and I'm using Windows 10.


I'm looking for a way to disable the automatic emojis and convert existing emojis back into text, or a way to see the emojis on the desktop version. It'd also be great if someone knew a way to delete the emojis normally when typing.

Thank you for any help.

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Hi.  I can verify your issue - I'm currently using the beta version of the app,  and emoji's are quick to set up,  but once <colon><bracket> becomes :) the icon is impossible to delete.  Backspace twice will briefly highlight the image,  but then you're kicked out of editing with that face still smiling at you.  In the beta I have 'simplify formatting' under the three dots menu when editing a note,  and that will convert the icon into a removable character,  though of course it may also remove other formatting you wanted to keep...

I'd suggest filing a bug report for this.

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I have the emoji conversion too. But I do find that I can backspace and delete them. I have to put Enter/Carriage return (hard paragraph) after the textual symbol to get it to turn into an emoji (just a space doesn't seem to do it). But then if I backspace immediately, the cursor will appear at the end of the line with the emoji on it; another backspace will delete it. I wonder whether it could have to do with the particular combination of Evernote version and Android version?

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Simplify formatting turned the emojis into deletable ones for me as well! However, the new emojis still aren't recognized by the desktop version.

How do you submit a bug report/ticket? I don't see any way to do it.





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