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Firefox Clipper for Firefox % works % incorrect %

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Уже несколько месяцев вместо нормальных кнопок Клиппера Evernote в Firefox "Сохранить в Evernote", "Сохранить статью", "Сохранить страницу" в клиппере отображаются коды команд типа "% clerrly %" и тому подобное - см.скриншот. Версия браузера 48.0 - Клипеер свежий 6.2.0. Переустанавливал и то и другое, чистил кэш и куки... НЕ помогает.

Already a few months instead of the normal button "Save to Evernote", "Save the article" the "Save Page" in the Clipper displayed command codes such as "% clerrly %" and etc. Watch skreenshot. Browser Version 48.0 - Klipeer fresh 6.2.0. Reinstall both, clear the cache and cookies - does not help!


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Hi.  I'm currently using Firefox 49,  but I used v48 recently.  My clipper is OK,  and it's v6.2 as yours.  What's your OS?

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Very odd.  I was using 8.1 desktop until recently and did not have such problems.  Only advice I have is to

  1. Switch off all Firefox extensions and restart Firefox
  2. uninstall and re-download / reinstall Clipper,  and check whether you still have this problem
  3. If not,  switch each extension back on to see which one causes the Clipper issue

If that doesn't work - raise a bug report!

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