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Clipper recently losts formatting and style on Ebay clips

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I've been using Evernote to properly storage ebay items from their webpage for years.  It worked like a charm until now...

Recently the clipper started to lost all formats and style. Returning scrambles notes. No matter i use safari or chrome. Same results doing it as a full page clipping or as an Article. 

Notes went from this:


to this (scrambled, no styles and unformatted):


Apparently there's no mayor changes on the ebay site. On the opposite this seems to occur after the upgrade to the new Evernote editing capabilities...

Any idea?


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Hi, thanks for the fast answer.

Nope, I didn't edit the clips. They appear scrambled and without style as soon as they get auto-saved into evernote.

Can't see your shared note from ebay that URL throws a "Note not Found Error".

I'm on web clipper 6.9

Captura de pantalla 2016-08-05 a las 0.55.42.png

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  • 2 months later...

Hi, Any news around this?.

Now it has got worse. Until now, and as alternative I was using clipper on Chrome, but now ebay clips from Chrome appear blank.

So, the situation is a little bit frustrating (specially because clipping from ebay has been my primary use for Evernote for years,  and I'm still paying for a premium account... ).

Here's the current status:

  • Clipping from ebay through Safari's clipper returns format loss & scrambled content
  • Clipping from ebay through Chrome's returns mostly blank content

Some months ago clipping from ebay worked like a charm, so this is clearly an issue.

What can I do?


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