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Not Working, Access Notebooks Offline

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Premium member here, i have encountered this issue recently. 

There's no problem viewing note when EN is connected to the network, through wifi or mobile date. 

It just cannot function when Notebooks is switched to Offline access. Nothing is downloaded.

Anyone experiencing this?

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...and you've gone to the Notebook screen in EN Android and marked the individual notebook(s) as offline searchable? If you then force a sync while connected to wifi you should have your notebook(s) stored for later - unless your device doesn't have enough storage space to hold the notebooks.  The current beta will show you the size of offline storage required,  not sure if the current production version had that...

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@gazumped I dont see  offline searchable  but a toggle for "Available offline"

I also noticed the size showing up and small bar. Green color indicating amount downloaded, else grey.

Im using Android. PLs let know specifically where is offline searchable?

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Hmmn.  Sorry for my casual language - Available Offline is the switch you're looking for.  One size fits all fix for mobile issues is to uninstall / restart and reinstall Evernote.  Hopefully that will jump start your offline access.  (Again,  provided your device has enough storage space - maybe set up a new notebook via another desktop/ web client with a couple of notes and see whether that will work,  then add more notes/ notebooks in sequence?)

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