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Duplicate Work Chat entries

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  • Evernote Staff

Hi there @jtabb, welcome to the Forums!

Would you please log into your account from a desktop or laptop computer's web browser at evernote.com?  Do the duplicate chats appear on the web?

If the duplicates do not appear on the web, I would like to try the following process to force the Mac application to pull all of your notes from the servers.

  • Open Evernote for Mac
  • Hold Option+Shift on your keyboard
  • Click the sync wheel

Please note that this process may take longer than a normal sync

Please only attempt the steps above if you are experiencing the same issue and have first verified all of your notes appear properly at evernote.com.

Let me know how this goes. I look forward to your response!

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I wasn't super clear in my post. This is duplicate chat messages. I have a single conversation that appears to be broken up into multiple conversations some duplicated. 

I went through the steps that you described. It does not appear duplicated on web interface and shift+option sync did not relieve the problem.

Thank you. 

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  • Evernote Staff

Hi there @jtabb, thanks for letting me know. Apologies for the confusion, I meant to write Chat instead of Notes and have edited my original post.

Can you let me know the version numbers of Evernote and OSX on your Mac?

  • Evernote - click on Evernote > About Evernote from the menu bar
  • OSX - click on the Apple icon > About this Mac from the menu bar

I look forward to your response.

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