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Inviting Premium user to EN Business

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If a Premium user is invited to join an Evernote Business account by their employer, does this mean their account effectively becomes free for them, as they are then part of the Business account which is paid for by the company?

And if a free account holder is invited to EN Business, is their account effectively upgraded to have the same features as Premium (eg. no limit on number of devices etc)?

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Hi.  If a premium user has an existing account,  joining a business account will provide an 'extra' premium account paid for by the business.  The Business-related premium account is a separate package.  It will be possible for the individual to move notes across and close down their own account if they so wish,  but if not the individual remains responsible for the billing on their original account.  Similar comments on the 'free' account - it doesn't get upgraded,  but the individual will get access to a new premium account into which they could move all their notes if they so wish.  If the individual then leaves the business,  their account remains their own,  but they then become responsible for future payments.

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@SpeedieThe unused months on the user's Premium subscription will be sent via an email in the form of a Premium code. That code will serve to activate the remaining Premium time on a second account or can be used to apply Premium towards their account if they ever choose to stop using the business subscription in the future. While the user's account is joined to the Business (whether Premium or Basic before), they get access to all Premium and Business features. Hope that helps!
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