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Help to undo changes made on mac client

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Hi guys, 

I had accidentally selected 'All notes' and placed them into 1 folder on my mac client. I have since immediately stopped my mac client from syncing. Checking evernote on my iOS and web browser seems to indicate that the horrific change has not been synced to all of my evernote devices yet. Is there a way, I can stop this change from syncing? 

I have tried deleting the evernote app and reinstalling it to no avail (it seems to remember the previous settings).

I hope someone could help. I have over 2000 notes across many different notebooks that I am hoping I need not have to  resort.

Thanks in advance!

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  • Evernote Staff

Hi there @Nelson Lim, welcome to the Forums!

Unfortunately there is not a way to automatically undo this change. The moved notes will need to be moved back to their corresponding notebooks manually.

If the notes do not appear to have all been moved on the web client, then it's likely that the changes did not fully sync up to the web and the content as it appears on the web can be synced back down to the application. 

To get the content as it appears on the web to match in the EN Mac application, you can use the following process to force the Mac application to pull all of your notes/content from our servers.

  • Open Evernote for Mac
  • Hold Option+Shift on your keyboard
  • Click the sync wheel

Please note that this process may take longer than a normal sync

Another note: Please do not use the steps above if you are not experiencing this issue or have not verified that all of your content appears properly on the Web version of Evernote at evernote.com. Thank you.

I hope that helps. Let me know how this works out for you!

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